The culture wars part 5: Understanding woke ideology and why it is so effective at spreading

What woke activists actually want is a world where people get ahead through politics rather than merit.  To get there, they band together and evangelize others into a woke version of progressive liberalism.  The woke activists then hijack progressives into attacking non-racists for being racist, allowing woke activists to eliminate their political enemies.  These tactics almost always work because Western culture favours those making accusations of racism.  Progressives want to be seen as virtuously fighting racism and siding with the oppressed, so they are quick to join the side accusing others of racism.  When they eventually figure out the fraud, they usually avoid standing up to social justice bullies because they understand that the bullies will try to destroy their life for doing so.

Fighting back against woke activists is difficult because most victims have values and don’t call for their accusers to face consequences for their actions.  The woke fight dirty and their victims don’t.  This creates a situation where the woke rarely face consequences for pushing their agenda while anti-woke activists can lose their jobs and reputation.  People who see what’s happening will often join the side where their lives won’t be destroyed.

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