Woke culture is a pandemic that we need to talk about

Woke = being pretentious when pretending to care about a social issue.  Or, a way of seeing the world as oppressors and victims based on race, class, gender, etc.

More than ever, social media has allowed outrage to spread quickly in a way that makes it easy for people to be cancelled.  This has given birth to what I call ‘Woke activists’- charlatans who exploit others’ fear of being cancelled.  They use physical violence, bullying, doxxing, and cancellation campaigns to get what they want.  Many are afraid of standing up against Woke politics because they are afraid of being bullied themselves.  The ‘civil unrest’ in the United States is actually the work of Woke activists pushing their different agendas.  Some of these Woke activists intentionally agitate police with violence so that the Woke activists might end up in a viral video showcasing police brutality.

Many journalists have chosen to actively embrace and enable Woke politics through misleading journalism.  Such journalists talk about ‘mostly peaceful’ protests while standing in front of a burning building.

The rise of this fraudulent political movement is one of the most important events of 2020.  It has completely hijacked major mainstream media outlets.  Free speech and press freedom have been undermined, making it hard to find insightful news with a diversity of viewpoints.  Emboldened liberals are actively discriminating against Trump supporters, creating a persecuted group that will eventually push back hard.  Democracy is under attack as Woke corporations are censoring opposing viewpoints and Wokes are punishing critics for their political beliefs.  Journalists are afraid of talking about these issues… so let’s talk about them.

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