The culture wars part 3: Understanding the backlash against masks, lockdowns, and vaccines

Right-wing (as well as non-woke) news sources commonly run stories about liberal hypocrisy because it resonates strongly with that audience.  Because of this, certain segments of the Western world are well aware of hypocritical liberals who break mask or lockdown rules: Nancy Pelosi, CNN reporter Kaitlan Collins, BLM protestors, etc. etc.  Conservatives view mask shaming as partisan because woke media outlets limit their attacks to their ideological enemies.  So, some conservatives believe that mask mandates are a liberal ploy designed to shame and control conservatives.  Some conservatives push back by not wearing a mask.

I would point out that many conservatives and Trump supporters are not anti-maskers.  If you watch footage of a Trump rally on Youtube, you will see that many in the audience do wear masks.

There is also a segment of the Western world that believes in a globalist conspiracy.  According to that worldview, globalists would love to use mask mandates, lockdowns, and mandatory vaccination as a way of controlling the population.

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The culture wars part 2: Cloud service providers are destroying their franchises (AMZN, TWLO, ZEN, GDDY, NET)

If you follow mainstream media, you might get the wrong idea and believe that the Big Tech companies will only deplatform conservatives or far right / white supremacist / neo-Nazi / extremist content.  This is a dangerous misconception.  Part 1 in this series gave the example of Ravelry, whose founder was attacked with lies despite following woke ideology.  If a woke transwoman can be cancelled, nobody is safe from cancel culture.

This phenomenon is extremely problematic for Amazon Web Services (and other companies providing cloud services) because the company forced Parler offline (and damaged Parler’s reputation).  Smart AWS customers will eventually figure out that they should avoid using AWS for mission-critical infrastructure.  AWS could lose most of its customer base unless it dramatically changes course.

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The culture wars are going to explode (part 1)

Back in August, I wrote about how the explosion in woke politics is something to pay attention to.  It has since taken over major media institutions and tech companies.  America is becoming a surreal place as these corporations are passing up on profits so that they can persecute their customers for wrongthink.  There is also a growing cultural movement that views the destruction of Trump supporters’ lives as virtuous; the politician AOC openly calls for the suppression of political views on Twitter.  What’s happening isn’t normal and will get a lot uglier.  Most investors don’t understand the cultural shifts because most mainstream media outlets spread false propaganda and are participants in the culture wars.

The culture wars will likely lead to:

  • A continuing boom in gun demand (RGR VSTO SWBI).d
  • Potential catastrophe for journalistic institutions like the New York Times (NYSE:NYT) and Thomson Reuters (TSE:TRI).
  • Splitting of the economy into a woke and anti-woke economy.  Many corporations with dominant market share will see their earnings take a hit when they jettison their customers for having non-woke political views.

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