Monoclonal antibodies should become the best selling drug in the world

While mRNA vaccines are currently the best selling drug in the world, they are not that safe and can lead to death and disability.  Monoclonal antibodies are actually the #1 intervention for COVID because they are both safe and effective.  Unfortunately for monoclonals, their broader adoption is held back by 2 false narratives:

  1. COVID vaccines are safe.
  2. Monoclonal antibodies duplicate what vaccines do.

Should the political winds change and my heretical viewpoints become mainstream, monoclonal antibodies could generate $200B+ every year.  Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, which has rights to the #1 monoclonal antibody treatment, has a market cap of only $69B.

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COVID update: vaccine apartheid + the mRNA stocks are better than the shots

  • Vaccine coercion is having some effect on the economy as Southwest Airlines and many other companies are going out of their way to create a labour shortage problem with mandatory vaccination.  I don’t know if the vaccine apartheid madness will turn into a world-changing issue but it could have consequences for the political stability of the Western world, trust in doctors, and demand for pharma products.
  • Most people have such a low risk of dying from COVID that the risk of death shouldn’t matter.  Instead, their main concern should be disability from COVID or the vaccine.  Yes, disability is a side effect of the COVID vaccines.
  • Biontech (BNTX) looks undervalued because at least 2 booster shots every year looks like the new normal.  Their product may be terrible for your health but the stock may be wonderful for your wealth.
  • Most of humanity will catch the coronavirus but probably only 5-20% of the population in developed countries will test positive every year.

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