The culture wars part 4: The persecution of talent and profits

When woke takeovers occur, the woke activists will push for politics-based hiring over merit-based hiring so that they can bring more allies into the company.  Woke employees want business decisions to be driven by “social justice” rather than profits because a meritocracy would disadvantage them.  They will fight against sensible business decisions like putting the most talented people in charge.  These dynamics have played out in the American comic book industry, which started going woke around 2016 (or arguably in 2015).  The hiring of inexperienced and less talented comics creators has led to financial losses for the comic book publisher IDW, a major business segment of IDW Media Holdings (PINK:IDWM).

Unethical journalists play an important role in this process as they are part of mutually beneficial alliances with woke employees.  The journalists use their platforms to try to cancel the woke employees’ political enemies, helping the woke employees gain political power within their companies.

Health At Every Size probably won’t sell young adult comics.  This is DC Comics in 2021.

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