The path out of this coronavirus mess

All countries are now realizing that some degree of restriction needs to be in place to keep the virus suppressed.  While South Korea has a sophisticated contact tracing program in place, the country learned the hard way that it cannot re-open nightclubs without allowing the virus to explode.  To break out of this dilemma, countries should look at taking aerosol (“airborne”) transmission seriously.  If we are willing to reject scientific dogma and believe in real science, then fighting the virus’ main route of transmission will give us our best shot at normalcy.

Personally, I’ve been quite frustrated at the world’s pathetic response to fighting the coronavirus.  Most politicians and scientific leaders have not been trying.  They are failing to employ tools such as CT scans and government-run quarantine centers.  It is embarrassing that most developed countries have failed to suppress the virus while Thailand, Cuba, and other developing countries have succeeded in doing so.  We as a society should demand that our leaders act responsibly and start using the tools available.

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