Short selling update July 2014

So far I have shorted the common shares of more than 80 stocks this year.  On common shares, I have been profitable overall despite a rising market.  Unfortunately, losses on put options (mainly YONG) have more than wiped out the gains on my common stock shorts.

I think that I’ve gotten fairly good at spotting bad stocks.  My CAPS account is a reflection of that.  (*CAPS does not consider the mechanics of borrowing shares.  It’s unrealistic.)  Unfortunately, I’ve been losing money on put options this year.  Part of this may be because I mainly short small cap stocks which are too illiquid to buy put options on.  As well, many of my shorts are volatile so the put options would be neither cheap or attractive.


See below for commentary on certain positions.  Keep in mind that due to the sheer number of positions, my research on short positions is typically very shallow.

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March 2014 portfolio update: Feeling the squeeze…

Unfortunately, I’ve had a bad start in 2014.  My long positions and my short positions are moving against me.  I suppose that this is bound to happen because stocks are never perfectly correlated.  (If they were perfectly correlated then there would be no point in trying to pick stocks or to profit from short selling.)

While I have a large number of short positions (30+), I have managed to find many stocks (mainly Chinese and solar stocks) that have quickly moved against me.

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