Long COVID, which is sometimes caused by vaccines, can be effectively treated

Information about ivermectin and vaccine injury is being censored, so here’s what you should know:

  • Long COVID can be treated with drugs and avoiding too much exercise.  Prompt treatment of COVID with ivermectin likely decreases the risk of developing long COVID.
  • Vaccines seem to cause a version of long COVID that responds to long COVID treatment.
  • It will eventually become clear that the current COVID-19 vaccines aren’t quite as safe as we originally thought.  :/

While I have been very bullish about mRNA vaccine stocks in the past, it would be a good idea to dial back that optimism (especially because the stocks have doubled lately).  For most people who have low COVID risk, booster shots likely cause more harm than good.  The various safety issues will greatly reduce vaccine usage.

The obsession with vaccines will eventually die down.  My interest is shifting towards the underappreciated early treatment market.  As most of the world will be forced to live with COVID, a massive market for early treatment will emerge.  Regeneron (REGN) is the most promising beneficiary.

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