How to track changes in a webpage

There is a free website called Change Detection that can send you email alerts whenever a webpage changes.  I use it to keep track of:

  1. Hedge fund letters, e.g. Bronte Capital’s.
  2. Scumbag client lists.  There are certain firms that specialize in helping scumbags.  Some of those scumbags are investment banks that publicly post their coverage list.

So instead of constantly re-checking a website, you can simply use to receive email alerts.

EDIT (1/29/2018): As Change Detection is shifting to a paid model, try Follow That for a free service.

3 thoughts on “How to track changes in a webpage

  1. also provides this service, but you have to pay if you track more than 15. The good thing with it is that you can get ideas of what sites to track based on what other users track who follow the same tickers.

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