Web sleuthing – Part 4 – Search by image

To search for other websites with a particular image, right-click the image in Chrome or Firefox.  Then click “Search Google for this image”.

This can be used to:

  1. Stalk individuals.
  2. Find a foreign-listed Chinese company’s other websites.  It can also find other Chinese websites that talk about a particular company.

Stalking individuals

To stalk particular people, find images from:

  1. Corporate websites.
  2. LinkedIn.  A corporate website will often list staff members.  Often, you can find those staff members on LinkedIn.
  3. Google+.  Unfortunately, Google is very bad when it comes to privacy.  Gmail accounts will often reveal the user’s Google+ account.  Their Google+ account can lead you to that person’s Youtube account and reveal what videos that person likes.  Google Maps is another privacy breach.
  4. Twitter and other social media.
  5. Gravatar comments.  When somebody comments on a blog, they may have a custom image that is linked to that user’s email account (you cannot see the email unless you are the blog owner).  That custom image can lead you to that person’s other comments on completely unrelated websites.

Chinese companies

Some Chinese companies may use a set of images for their investor-focused website and use a completely different set of images for their operating business’ website.  You can figure this out by using Google’s search by image feature.

Searching by image can be a quick way to figure out whether or not the operating business exists, as long as you make sure that you aren’t using the images from the investor-focused website (e.g. the operating business’ website should have an ICP number).

*Disclosure:  No positions in the companies mentioned (GOOG/L, TWTR, LNKD).

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