Chinese companies with poorly executed websites

For whatever reason, some Chinese companies listed on foreign exchanges have bad websites.

For example, Yongye links to a press release put out by ambulance-chasing lawyers targeting Yongye.


The events section on its website is also horribly outdated.  The last event listed is from 2011, even though Yongye continues to hold earnings conference calls.


At least Yongye paid for its stock photography.


In general, I suspect that there may be a correlation between the quality of a website and the subsequent stock performance.  QXM/XING for example stopped updating its website a few years before the stock went to 0.

*Disclosure:  Shorting YONG via put options.  I have no position in the common stock.  Short CXDC common.


Chinese stocks and ICP numbers

The Bronte Capital blog has a very interesting post about how UTA’s website did not work.  The stock is now defunct.

EDIT (1/23/2015): My current theory is that the same group of people are behind all of these companies.  That could be why the websites are of similar quality.

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