LMCA predictions March 18, 2014


  1. Liberty will buy back shares below $135.  A year ago, Liberty was buying back shares below $135.  Since then, Liberty’s stock portfolio has gone up in value.  SIRI is mostly flat while CHTR, LYV, and BKS have gone up.
  2. Liberty will continue selling its Barnes and Noble shares since (A) the share price is rather high and (B) it looks like the Nook will die.  Both Liberty and Leonard Riggio (founder and major shareholder) have been selling.
  3. If Liberty sell shares to pay for share repurchases, Live Nation shares will be the first to go after Barnes and Noble.  I think that Live Nation is largely mature and will not grow as fast as Sirius XM or Charter.  Management strikes me as slightly promotional.  Their metrics (e.g. adjusted operating income) consider their IT investments as growth capex rather than maintenance capex.  In my opinion, their business is one where they have to keep running just to stay in place.  Adding new features simply maintains their competitiveness rather than growing market share.  Lastly, Live Nation shares have gone 62% in the past year.
  4. Both Sirius XM and Charter will continue to grow their free cash flow at high rates in the next few years (at least 10%).

The reason I am putting my predictions down is to test my investment thesis.  If my predictions don’t pan out, then I will need to reconsider my position in Liberty.

I have recently sold some of my Altius Minerals shares (Altius is not buying back its shares) to buy more LMCA shares (LMCA should be buying back more shares).  Liberty’s current assets consist mainly of wonderful companies (Sirius XM and Charter) alongside a mismash of other random assets (LYV, BKS, True Position, Atlanta Braves, a potential lawsuit windfall, cash, and a very large interest free loan from the IRS in the form of deferred taxes).  It is essentially a wonderful company trading at a small discount to its assets.

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