Pacific Sun (PSUN) – overvalued and losing money

PacSun is an apparel retailer that targets the fickle teen market.  I’m going to keep this post short and simple.  Since Gary Schoenfeld became CEO in June 2009, PacSun has been consistently losing money.  The CEO has had 3-4 years to turn the company around.  A good CEO would have turned around the company by now.  Of course, PacSun continues to report losses.  If the future resembles the past, then this company will continue to lose money and go bankrupt in a few years.  In YE2013, the company had GAAP losses of 77 cents/share versus a book value of 95 cents/share.  While the company has a lot of debt ($1.17/share at YE2013), the debt is probably not that dangerous as most of it matures in 2016 and (as far I can tell) doesn’t have financial covenants.

Market cap: $273M
Earnings yield: -22%
Price/book: 6.87
Short % of float: 15%
Short % of outstanding: 8.2%

*Disclosure:  Short PSUN common stock.

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